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Sep. 19th, 2017 08:33 am
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Sep. 13th, 2017 12:20 pm
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On Friday, as we left for work in the van, the check engine idiot light came on. We took it to Master Auto on the way in, swapping for our other working car. Except that I'm hoping for better luck, the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps we should store the spare car in their back parking lot. Anyway, they called after lunch to say that they think the warning light is being triggered by the lack of a vacuum in the fuel system and/or the sensor for that. It is a very sensitive sensor, so even if the air leak is tiny, it's enough to make the warning light up. It can also be caused by not tightening the fuel cap thoroughly. This particular problem is nothing to get excited about, the worst thing is that by having it lit up if something else triggers it, there is no way to know as it's already on. The best thing to do is get an OBD reader that allows reset of the warning, then we'll know if there's a new problem. We retrieved the van after work and then took it to Ionia on Saturday. Happily, no new problems have appeared.

We have decided not to fix the possessed heating/cooling system in the beige Park Avenue as that's a several hundred dollar repair. Both blowers have gone bad but winter is coming an a vehicle that no longer knows how to cool the air will not be an issue for a while. With some degree of luck we'll be able to dispose of that car before next summer.

Saturday morning we got up early as I had made an appointment with Big D Lock & Key to purchase and program electronic keys for the van. I purchased one through them, two more on Amazon, and they programmed all three for the cost of programming the one I purchased there. Big D is a strange place, it's a locksmith and has all the normal stuff you'd expect (lock sets, keys, safes) but also has a shelf display that made me wonder if an elderly relative asked if he or she could move the items at didn't sell at their yard sale inside. It worked to my benefit though, I now own a real Coach purse ($15.00!) and a 4-episode DVD of Dragnet ($1.00).

With our purchases in hand, we walked out the to car and headed toward Ionia. I wanted to stop at Portland or any other of the little communities on the way to run an Ingress mission or two, but [ profile] jebra reminded me that there were another six missions in the Ann Arbor Mission Day set that we wanted to do and the only way to keep all the Mission Day badges together was to do them next. I was sad but he was right, so we agreed that we'd wait until this coming Sunday and go to Ann Arbor to finish them up. So we arrived in Ionia around 2 pm and called my mom to see if she wanted to have a late lunch with us. She did; we went and picked her up and went to El Mariachi Mexican Grill. The food was as good as I remembered and we were all stuffed to the gills when we left to go shopping for things to take to the Davis & Jones Family Reunion. We also stopped at the Dollar Tree as my mom wanted to buy a few birthday cards. While there I found a bin of DVDs and picked out a copy of the Julie Andrews movie Star! I had never heard of it but I read the back of the box and thought it sounded interesting. We watched it later that night and holy cats, the costume changes. And the dance routines, my goodness she was strong and flexible to be able to do the moves in the last dance number. [ profile] jebra told me the movie did not do well in the theaters, and I can see how it would be hard to market but I found it appealing for a variety of reason, it's look back on a time in history, in the evolution of music and musical theater, wonderful costuming, and a fairly engrossing story line.

Sunday morning [ profile] jebra got up before I did and started cooking. Our contribution to the Family Reunion was meatballs in a BBQ sauce, plus he made our traditional breakfast of steel-cut oats with raisins. My mom brought salad and fried chicken that we'd ordered from Meijers the day before. We stopped to get it on the way to Onondaga and still managed to arrive on time.

The reunion was better attended than the previous two, perhaps because there was a rumor that this would be the last one. That's not exactly true; during the reunion we took a vote and decided that this would be the last potluck in the township hall. In the future we'll meet a restaurant at a location somewhat central to the attendees, probably in Mt Pleasant.

Anyway I had a good time catching up with everyone I spoke with (three hours is not long enough for an in-depth conversation with everyone) and we helped clean up the hall when our rental was over. Which was easy as there were no tiny children (mess-makers) and all we had to do was take home our leftovers, remove the table cloths, and stack the chairs. My mom caught a ride home with my cousin Barbie, so when we got back to the van it wasn't much past 3 pm and [ profile] jebra realized we had quite a few hours before dark and we could go to Ann Arbor to finish those Ingress missions. We did, and met up with [ profile] traveller42 and [ profile] mbumby at the 6th mission to walk around the park before the four of us went to Plymouth for dinner.

Monday was back to work followed by the first band practice of the new season for [ profile] jebra. I stayed home and biked and did laundry. Tuesday was work followed by dinner at Arby's and then the first guild meeting of the year for me. It was lovely seeing everyone and we had so many knitters attend I was starting to wonder if we'd all fit. Our fearless leader reassured everyone that next month it wouldn't be as crowded as the chairs and tables had been shoved closely together to make room for the silent auction and the video presentation taking place last night. I thought I'd bid on two auctions and knew I'd been outbid on both when I went to check before bidding ended. I wasn't disappointed because I already knew I was going home with a lot of yarn from the free table. But when the winners were announced I was reminded that I'd placed three bids and I'd won the third (for three books, all in the one skein wonders series, and all three for a whopping $5.00).

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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The Alphabet Soup anthology is a long-running (this is the 23rd!) series of gen SG-1 stories, loosely collected by theme. The current Soup is Quantum Mirror fics.

The rules for the anthology are simple: comment to sign up and be assigned a letter. You will be committing yourself to write at least 100 words of gen fic by October 23rd. The only requirements are a minimum word count of 100, touching upon the Quantum Mirror somehow in your story, and keeping your fic gen (yes, even if you're writing an alternate universe; gen ficathons are too few and far between).

Links to previous Alphabet Soups

Signups for Quantum Mirror Alphabet Soup

Currently, about half the letters of the alphabet have been claimed. Whether you're a seasoned cook or new to Soup fics, you're welcome to join us. :)
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